Secured Income Opportunities

Private Equity financing has made Trust Deed investing more desirable today

Long-term Investments

As a specialty real estate finance company, we are dedicated to long-term investment solutions. We work closely with property owners seeking to access the capital locked within their high-quality real estate and accredited investors seeking attractive current yields secured by those very same assets. We originate carefully underwritten loans backed by quality real estate. Our extensive real estate investment experience and attention to detail ensure we underwrite first and second-position loans with the strongest protective equity.

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Our Investment Approach

Our properties are the cornerstone of every loan we make. Although we analyze many facets of our borrowers’ history and ability to repay, the underlying real estate collateral primarily determines our lending decision.

To asses collateral value, we scrutinize appraisals, consult with local real estate professsionals, study property demographics, and ofetn mae our own physical site inspections. Our evaaluation assumes hat property valus may decrease before they increase, requiring us to consider the long-term viability of eaach property. Thus, Keillor Capital, Inc. will not originate any loan for property we would not own and/or be willing to manage.

Helping You Build Your Business

Well-positioned real estate with a high level of protective equity can offer above-average income with a low correlation to stocks and bonds.

Proper portfolio structure requires a comprehensive understanding of eaach investor’s risk tolerance, investment objectives, tax position, income and equity needs. Financial advisors with this understanding are well suited to make recommendations that will best serve their clients. At Keillor Capital, Inc. we believe independent advisors who operate on a fee-based platform are best suited to leverage the investment solutions we offer.

Earn a High Income Stream

Wholesale changes in credit markets have created an extraordinary opportunity to earn strong monthly income through carefully underwritten trust deed investments. Borrowers who once qualified for traditional financing must now consider alternative sources to meet their needs. As a result, the demand for private equity lending has made trust deed investing even more desirable.

Trust deed investing is an attractive alternative for individuals and institutions seeking to augment or replace traditional asset classes and income sources. Private equity borrowers generally pay a higher interest rate than they would at a banking institution which, in turn, provides private equity real estate investors higher yields than bank deposit programs.

Investment Program Highlights

Trusted Relationships
High Current Income (7% to 10%)
Short-term investment (1-3 years)
Primarily first-position loans
Low Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios
Strong protective equity
Quality properties
Excellent reporting and client service

Featured Transaction

$1,050,000 Lake Arrowhead, CA

$1,050,000 Lake Arrowhead, CA

Lake Arrowhead, CA

– LOAN AMOUNT: $1,050,000
– Appraised Value: $2,000,000
– LTV Ratio: 52.50%
– Investor Yield: 7.50%
– Purchase/ Single Family Lakefront Lot with Dock

“We have been investing with Keillor Capital for about four years now. Not only is their customer service and attention to detail excellent, but the overall lending philosophy is very conservative.  They do their homework and make the loans fair to the borrower, but at the same time make them very safe for the lender.  And they continually do weekly and monthly follow-up with borrowers to make sure any issues do not become problems. Very positive experience for our investment dollars.”

T. Ketchum – Fountain Valley, CA.

“My experience working with Keillor Capital has been exemplary even in the face of unique challenges with our project. The Keillor team faced each obstacle with thoughtful, efficient strategy, communicating our options and providing what we needed to make smart decisions. Eric Keillor offers clear, consistent communication keeping us informed with every step of the processes. Their experience clearly shines through all they do. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage with Keillor Capital again in a future project.”

J. Benson – Santa Cruz, CA

“I’ve been an investor for a few years, and am totally happy with Keillor Capital.  I have recommended KCI to others and they are very happy as well.”

K. Keillor -San Diego, CA

“I’ve been doing business with Eric and the team at Keillor Capital for over 6 years. I appreciate the high level of professionalism and attention to every transaction and I sleep well knowing that my investments are expertly executed and managed.”

B. Clem, Long Beach, CA

“Thanks to the team at Keillor Capital for being careful and being wise deployers of capital.”


“I have been a loyal customer of Keillor Capital for over 5 years, and in that time I have been continuously impressed with both the quality of opportunities and the team’s attention to detail. They treat all of their investors the same regardless of investment size, and have always brought attractive deals to my attention proactively. I look forward to another 5 years and beyond, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone (and I have!).”

M. Garcen – Los Angeles, CA

“Kelilor Capital has been a professional and friendly lender that we have worked with several times over the years. Their entire team is helpful and we really appreciate having them as a lending partner.”

J. Marmon – West Hollywood, CA